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By Geraldine Witcher

Is there room for hope

in our world?
Where children are starving,

dying in agony.
Where war tears apart

and disease stalks unchecked.
Is there room for hope

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God Bless America

We live in a country where the people are free to believe anything they want.  People here in America are free to practice a faith in God or to embrace just about any other kind of philosophical view they hold dear. This is not true of many other nations.



The Writers' Page  Through the use of short story, meaningful verse, & quiet meditations, gifted Christian writers demonstrate that they have something to say.

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Never doubt the goodness of our God


Who Needs Jesus?

God is working, no matter what we see or hear or think or feel. God is working in the lives of everyone we know and everyone we will ever meet. He does not wait for us to be born and get saved, and to finally come along with the gospel, to begin His work of grace.

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Free Christian Clipart features free Christian graphic images, animated Gospel banners and clipart to use on websites, in bulletins and newsletters.  Now there are also new sparkle and glitter images and photos being added.  If you need original Christian art, you should visit the site.

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The Bible and True Christian Faith  

The Holy Bible is not just a book. It is not simply a religious book. In fact, it is not really about religion at all. The Bible is a faithful and enduring revelation of God's will for human beings.

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Two Good Legs  Elber and Yonty were born 7 winters back to a young grizzly she-bear in Northwestern Montana.  Like all such cubs, they had the odds against them from the first.

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The Meaning of Life  Is there really a God, a Creator, a Keeper of the universe? Am I here for a reason?  Is there really a mind and purpose behind all the vast universe?  If I find myself powerless to change my life, or some aspect of my life, is there someone or some thing that I can turn to for help?

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Power to Live — Right Now    Life can throw things at us that make us feel completely powerless.  How do we cope with circumstances that are far beyond our personal control?


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Homesteading?  If you’ve decided to try and break away from big city crush, if you’re looking to find a piece of land, and build a life that's independent of utility companies, free of traffic, and that simply makes more sense, you may find this helpful...

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